Join us for the EXPO 2020 the and explore the vast of different experiences in Dubai. This is the unique opportunity to visit the center of all the happenings in the World at the moment. This EXPO is bringing together countries and international organizations from all around the globe and you can be part of it.

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Unique experience in the desert where you will have the chance to explore traditional cuisine, camel rides, dune bashing, sand boarding and many more. With unforgettable sunset in the desert followed by amazing entertainment program you will have the chance to immerse yourself in different reality.

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We will make sure that your parties are taken to different level. Placed on the most iconic venues in Dubai, with rich entertainment program it will offer your guests unforgettable experience. Bespoke and unique this parties can be organized in clubs, restaurants, hotel suits, private apartments or even at yacht. Choose your option!

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Hiring a private driver in Rolls Royce or renting the newest Porsche while you are in Dubai? Luxury chauffeur service is something we are providing for you. Tailored to suit your specific needs, we are offering the variety of luxury cars for you to choose.

“Exclusivity is our strength”